Experience and references

Companies ask for our help because all too often they do not have sufficient time to take action themselves and there is a great need for genuine feedback, refreshing advice and temporary support.

Starting from our experience in different sectors we use a broad and creative insight to make recommendations and leverage our expertise for your company.

We are no nonsense. No endless analyses, no unrealistic recommendations, no assignments that years from now still not yield results.

Our invoicing is very transparent: per day-part, per project, per assignment.

Some references: Vivaldis Interim, Manpower, Randstad, Xylos, Orbit One, RealDolmen, Neddine IT, A-Z Solutions

"Helga not only has a fresh perspective on entrepreneurship but also has a modern leadership style.  She gives people her confidence, focuses on shared leadership and leads teams to the next level.  At Xylos, she succeeded in becoming the market leader in the Microsoft O365 Business with an annual growth of 20 to 30%.  Working together should also be fun and I always liked working with Helga. I am convinced we will work together again in the future."

Luk Denayer, Entrepreneur- Managing Partner Bluu/Cronos, Former CEO Xylos.  

“After a short intake Minds and Mentors quickly settled into the issues Vivaldis Construct was facing. What was originally meant as an operational sales support rapidly evolved into a refreshing strategy exercise.

Thanks to an innovating insight we managed to define new strategic accents. The realization of the recommendations and the subsequent transfer to the new business manager were of extreme value to us.”

Ankel Ulens, General Manager Vivaldis Interim

“For us, ICT people, it is not always obvious to speak the language of our customers. Minds and Mentors supports us in translating a technical explanation into a language that is understandable for the business. We are always very receptive to advice and we consider an external and creative insight in our way of managing to be very fascinating and enriching. Helga feels right at home in de Belgian Microsoft/IT market. She has a very good feel for the market needs and knows more than anybody else how to place herself in the social environment of our customers.”

Olivier Mangelschots, Digital Challenger & Enterprise Architect ODUM, former Managing Director/Owner of Orbit One

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